Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ss2 - Set modifications,playing with plastercine and newsletter feature!

Modifications made to the set

First this top image is of the set before if you look at the sides its at quiet the right angle to the back wall so i thought it best to see about opening out sides over easter.

This is the after we altered the angle by moving the wooden back holding the wall steady and then changing where its held down, the only tricky part was where the angle meets to make a sharp edge there wouldn't be much chance to change the angle later so went with making two grooves to rest the sides together.

Also when making the set it was going to be held together using biscuit pieces in slots at ninety degree angle but found that would be a bad idea especially when wanting to pull apart but left so holes in the floor so they needed some filler.

Then a touch of paint here and there and any scuff marks sorted out and maybe a little more mud on the floor where the camera didn't see before.

Heres something i made earlier 

Really like this photo
 This little character was a practice with getting a pose that emphasises the characters emotion without being animated.

Over the next few weeks i have many ideas i would like to try out, mainly being better at drawing a character off the top of my head and then being able to model it exact, then move on the taking other peoples styles and making it into a 3d model.

With the hands of the character i was going for more of a square style much like Carl Fredrickson from Disney Pixar's feature film Up, which beings a fragile look more with Carls character a square and stereo typical grumpy Grandad movement.

Might also create different emotions for the same character.
'Street Act' has only got me on the Birmingham City University Newsletter Checkout the feature below

all the hard work is paying off but still not stopping anytime soon!