Thursday, 16 August 2012

Laika Challenge - Zombie Kid

Made from Sculpey painted on photoshop.

Something I've been working on for the past few days which has got a lot of my attention a sculpt for the Laika challenge for the forth coming film Paranorman which i've just got throught the making of book which in my eyes is a must buy for any aspiring animator or if you just have a keen interest in animation.

Heres some of the other characters which i was created to think about modelling for the Zombigeddon challenge, some parts of all of them were used in the final zombie but i liked all the other designs.

Heres the trailer for the new Laika film Paranorman enjoy!

Currently working on getting myself out in the animation industry wether its gaining networks to follow up, updating my c.v with ever improving work, contacting new studios daily to get my name out there letting people know who i am.

Next posts will be more frequently and in depth but for now thats is so stay tuned.