Sunday, 2 September 2012

While i'm finding my feet and work.

new projects which i am just starting to keep active and evolve my all round creative and animation skills include working with someone who i was in university with to create a Pre school series to learn lessons like trust,friendship and safety, the process will be on another blog which is currently private.

There are many characters which are being worked on before final selection but find below a recent character Owen the Owl which was a sketch scanned then painted on photoshop. Aim is to keep the overall look simple,colourful and exciting.

©Owen the owl
Another project which i've only recently thought about doing, so no much point in mentioning but will be ether a character dancing to music and or singing to work on my lip syncing for the future and become much better.

Also while being back from uni looking for work has proven a challenge and to evolve my creative stills decided to apply for local jobs and had an interview for a card shop last week and from this wednesday i'll be a supervisor at the Card Factory Bridgend, still happy with the compliment after the interview on my c.v being very good.

From this i will be paying for supplies and festivals which will keep me updated and have more current work to keep showing at festivals while if any Stop-Frame work is available i will jump to it and showcase and bring all i have to offer.