Friday, 14 December 2012

Canterbury Anifest 5-6th October 2012

With recently getting a new job to pay for supplies and networking purposes to kick start my career as a Stop-frame animator, this gave me opportunity to go to a festival i've been looking forward to go to since last year i couldn't make it due to other commitments, at first i was going down as puplic but found myself as a volunteer from the night before the festival meeting people i knew who were already taking part from Birmingham City University and other festivals.

Sophie Graves and myself

First task as a volunteer was to prepare the plastercine characters for the 'Plastercine people: Masterclass From Animate and Create Studio' later on in the day, which was great to get to know other people of mutual interest over some plastercine and a great set of tools to work with.

Tony Dalton and myself before - Ray Harryhausen-The Godfather

Later on that day i got the chance to go to a talk on Ray Harryhausen the Godfather of Stop-motion with the curator of the Ray Harryhausen collection and auther of five books about Rays film work Tony Dalton was a delight to meet such a nice guy and willing to talk about so much of Rays work.

Jessica,Cassidy Curtis,Sophie and myself

DreamWorks - Meet the Lion tamer
Cassidy Curtis is Dreamworks supervising animator for the summer blockbuster Madagascar 3 animating Alex the Lion and from the moment the volunteers and myself met him we kind of saw a resemblence between Cassidy and Alex the lion wether that was coinsidence or character driven choice from the director.

Cassidy was a great pleasure to meet as Dan the festival organiser said "you've got to love Cassidy because he's just one big yank". The talk was great having a whole range of things to talk about from working on a range of films including 'How to train a Dragon','Shrek' and 'Madagascar'.

Talking about the age old question for cg animators 'Do you Have to be able to draw to animate well?' and we got to the reasoning that some people can still animate really well without drawing but it will always help and elevate your work and so answer being it can always help your animation skills what ever level of an animator you are.

Then also as you see in the image above here Cassidy was pointing out the difference in Shrek in 3d and in 2d to show how the points in the arm and shape of the pose can focus the eye of the audience intentionally very well. Then in 3d this doesn't come so easily.

Aardman- How to talk Pirate

Pirate Captain From Pirates

Jim Parkyn talking through the making and animating of the models, including the rapid prototyping mouth technique which enabled the characters to speak. There was also behind-the-scenes clips which were great to see as more studio shots from pirates were shown of sketches and photos of the puppet building process.
Charles Darwin from Pirates
Also looked forward to talking with Jim again at Flip Festival in Wolverhampton where i volunteered.

Double Negative- Making Monsters
Eamonn Butler talking about behind the scenes of John Carter was great because i was surprised how much i enjoyed the film as because of the reviews before it came out. The special effects had so much thought into it was great to see what they'd use in the green screen before made for the audience to see.

Pixar: Inside the toy box 
Dan McCoy Pixars technical director discussed some of the complications and problems that pixar have tackled from the technical side with telling us how some things could be re-used for more than one thing same with cheat techniques.

My hotel room view instant view from anytime of the day of the Canterbury Cathedral

anyone not been to Canterbury Anifest i recommend its a great festival and worth volunteers so many great speakers, also check out Animate and Create.