Thursday, 5 May 2011

Confectionary project. working nine til 5..zZZ

You know you've got to start again when you realise that layers haven't been used properly. I created this to put together at the start of the day to realise that as much as i wanted it to be right nope it had to be done again.     When i would move a wheel the base behind showing the red had a white hole in each area and so basically i couldn't move a layer without screwing it up so i knew what i had to do and clicked new.
Realising my mistakes and knowing the simple things i learnt that would get me further without being stupid enough to not use the layers. Started by creating all the shaped from scratch without adding colour and choosing what wheel type best suited the ones on the bar and went with them.
once created the simple shapes and putting them together to make the original cart but looking neat in my animating bar in flash moved on to add the colour again to use this as a sampler sheet especially with the colour taking them off the photo above the carrages.

 Once made the front i started on the Monkeys cart' to use the wheels off the previous cart' as you will see.
 And then here it is with the wheels but im not to confident with the wheels with the perspective on this cart' but when it comes to having them all linked up and the cart' full with passenger i think it will look right.